The Types Of Coverage We Offer

Term Insurance / Mortgae Protection

Term life insurance is an affordable  way to protect your family in the event of a death. Terms can be designed for income replacement and to to cover your family's major expenses (like the mortgage). This type of plan will allow the family to keep the family home in the case of a death.

Final Expense

Final Expense insurance will cover you for life. Prices are locked and will never increase , the benefit will never decrease, and the policy will never expire. These types of policies are designed to make sure all funeral , burial and other end of life expenses are covered.

Indexed Universal Life

This is a type of permanent policy that allows the insured to accumulate cash value in addition to their death benefit. It can be setup to help supplement your retirement plan.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

This is a safe way to participate in the market's gains while avoiding potential losses and keeping your retirement safe and secure.

Our Core Carriers

While we have access to over 50 "A" rated carriers, we have found that for pricing, health underwriting and convenience, the carriers below are most often the ones that best meet our client's needs.

A+     Superior

A+     Superior  

A+     Superior  

A+     Superior  

A+     Superior  

A-      Excellent

A        Excellent  

About James Tobin

 I am a Certified Financial Planner who is an evangelist for life insurance. Unlike nearly all other CFP's I do not seek to take assets under management in exchange for an  annual fee. My goal is to provide a friendly and consultative service. That means providing sound advice and a transparent process. 

Should you have a question or need to make change, I'm betting you would rather deal with an experienced agent who has treated you well than a quota driven call center. that pressured your buying decision. My promise is that the adice I give you is the same advice I give my family members.

In addition to being an advocate for life insurance I am a dedicated baseball fan, a volunteer ESL teacher, pet lover, news junkie & a decent cook. I am a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University (gov. & public Policy) and live in Norwalk, CT with my beautiful wife Nicole.